I paired my H & M floral blouse with my Gap polka dot calf hair loafers for a fun pattern play. Florals are not only reserved for spring and summer months, ladies! I’m all about florals any time of the year. The black accents on my top reflect the fall season and avoid the look from feeling too spring-y. 
Polka dots are another trend that can transcend the seasons. Whenever I wear polka dots, I always think of Julia Roberts’ “Pretty Woman” dress. Polka dot accessories are such an easy way to change up your outfit whether it’s a scarf or a playful pair of tights. Madewell and J.Crew are also making some great polka dot pieces this season!
Don’t you think my Henri Bendel handbag looks just like the iconic Mulberry bag? It’s a lot easier on the wallet though! This bag will always be one of my forever favorites, because it’s quite the conversation piece! My friend and I were shopping at Bendel last year when we decided on a whim to enter a store contest. A month later, I got a call to let me know I had won a $500 gift card! Prior to this occasion, the most exciting thing I had ever won was a Gatorade towel off a cereal box. Needless to say, I was so excited!
I have to admit this timeless Hermes belt isn’t mine. It’s on loan from my mom, but I may just have to convince her to let me keep it! I can picture wearing it with so many other outfits in my closet. How would you style this belt?

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