Big Hair, Big Heart: My Hair Routine

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Photos by Stephanie Drenka

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“Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world.”

I’m excited to share my hair routine with y’all! As some of you know, I love a good drybar blowout. In between blowouts, I style my own hair at home and try to do my best! After a lot of practice and trying different products, I have a solid routine down : )

I wash my hair with drybar Sake Bomb shampoo and conditioner. I try to only wash my hair twice a week. The conditioner can get a little heavy, because it’s so nourishing, so I use it mostly on my ends and work it lightly throughout my hair. I want my showers as hot as possible but I’ll try to do a cool rinse at the end every once in a while. Apparently it helps your hair really hold onto the moisture from the conditioner and make it extra shiny- yes please!

I let my hair air dry for a bit to avoid as much heat as possible and then I grab my blow dryer and put it to work! Next, I use drybar 100 Proof treatment oil on my dry hair before I style it. This product is a must if you style your hair often!

I curl my hair with the drybar 3 Day Bender curling iron. If I’m getting ready to go out, I’ll also add a glass of champagne to this step! I use the 1.25 inch iron to get the loose curls I want. This iron would be a great Christmas gift- either for yourself or a friend you really like, lol! As I curl my hair, I add in my extensions. I’ve always wanted long hair but my hair refuses to grow past my boobs, so I decided to just buy it, lol! I use a combination of Design Lengths and Euronext extensions from Sally Beauty. If you’ve never worn extensions before, I found this tutorial video really helpful. I watched a million YouTube videos to figure out how to put in extensions and asked a lot of questions at drybar when I was learning! I absolutely love ‘em!

Once I’m done curling my hair, I finish things off with drybar Money Maker hairspray. I hold the hairspray about 10 inches away from my hair, so it doesn’t get too crunchy. Nobody wants crunchy hair! Like all the drybar products, this hairspray smells sooooo good!

After it has been a few days and I’m too lazy to wash my hair, I’ll use drybar dry shampoo and conditioner. You can read this post to learn all about the magic of dry shampoo and conditioner!

Once a week, I apply the drybar Mudslide mask. It’s a little heavy so a little goes a long way! I put it on my ends and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Try this and your dry hair will thank you!!

Alright- that’s it! Any questions? Feel free to ask me in the comments! : )

  • Jaclyn Mittman

    That hair!!! Ow ow! 😉

    xx Jaclyn

    • Brooke

      Actually just laughed out loud! Thank you, Jac! xx

  • Holly

    I have only tried their dry shampoo so far and I love it! I am curious to try the rest- I love the smell!


    • brookedujour

      Let me know what you think! All of the drybar products smell amazing! xx

  • Diana Pearl

    Your hair is srsly perfect! I need to try that mudslide mask too 🙂

    • brookedujour

      Thank you, Diana! Hope all is well in NYC! xx