Are You Ready?

J.Crew cropped denim

Design Darling pink bubble earrings

Anthropologie cozy ivory turtleneck

J.Crew black flats

Cozy sweater under $100

Hot pink drop earrings

Vanessa Christina Photography

Outfit: Anthropologie sweater (similar), J.Crew jeans (similar)

Accessories: Prada purse, J.Crew flats

Jewelry: Design Darling earrings (similar)

Are you ready?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked myself that, I would probably have a mansion in Brentwood.

I wasn’t ready to quit my job and focus full-time on Brooke du jour. I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship again. I wasn’t ready to move across the country and 1,000 miles away from all of my friends.

Part of me was absolutely terrified to move an inch outside of my comfort zone but another part of me wanted to tear down every wall I had created for myself and just freaking live already.

One night when I couldn’t fall asleep, I was sucked into an endless Instagram scroll. Alli Webb, the founder of drybar, goddess of blowouts and basically my hero in life, posted an image that said, “I always did something I was a little not ready to do.” I screenshotted that image and constantly went back to it during the weeks that followed.

As most of you know, I decided to go for it (yay!) and I’m now writing this blog post in an insanely cute pink coffee shop in Los Angeles. It’s the city of dreamers, you may have heard.

There have still been many, many times when I’ve questioned myself- and my sanity to be quite honest. During another night when I couldn’t sleep, I texted my brother basically a novel of my insecurities. He responded with this quote from Mary Oliver: “The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave it neither power nor time.” Don’t I just have the best brother? He impresses me every day. There will always be the party poopers who think you can’t do it, so it’s hugely valuable to have at least one person who is always in your corner.

What I’ve learned from the past few months is that you can’t let anyone F with your dreams—most of all yourself. After all, in 10 years, wouldn’t you rather a “well shit” than a “what if?”

Stop waiting and take the first step. Follow your heart. There are cotton candy pink skies ahead. You have so many sweet victories in front of you.

If you go for it and you f* up, dust yourself off and try again. Because you’re a bad ass b*tch and you’ve got this. You know you’re the bomb. I know you’re the bomb. Let’s go- your adventure is waiting for you.

Are you ready?

The Pink Wall + A Giveaway!

Pink wall Melrose

Most Instagrammable spots in LA

Paul Smith pink wall Los Angeles

Classic black Chanel purse

Black and white bow dress

CeCe colorblock sleeveless bow dress

CeCe dresses Nordstrom

J.Crew blush bangle

CeCe black dress with a bow

Los Angeles fashion bloggers

Pink wall Los Angeles

CeCe by Cynthia Steffe bow dress

Colorful walls in Los Angeles

Black Chanel quilted purse

J.Crew gemma cap toe flats

Betsy Newman Photography

Outfit: CeCe dress (also similar here)

Accessories: Chanel purse, J.Crew ballet flats

Jewelry: J.Crew pink bangle (see more styles here), Gorjana gold leaf bracelet (see more styles here)

Hi there! I’m popping in today with a quick hello! We shot this look at the famous pink wall on Melrose. It’s basically an Instagram icon and a fun spot to take pictures and check out the scene whenever you’re in LA. The wall always has a ton of people hanging around—there was actually a rap music video being filmed right next to us. Only in LA, lol!

I love how the whimsical bow detail on this dress plays off the girliness of the wall. (Is girliness a word? If not, I just made it one, lol!) I also have to mention these classic pointy toe flats. They feel very Chanel and Parisian but the nice surprise is they’re under $100. Thank you, J.Crew!

Before I run off today (most likely in hot pursuit of a breakfast taco), I also wanted to mention a giveaway I’m hosting with a bunch of great bloggers! The winner will receive a Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag– umm whaaat?! The more “tasks” you complete below, the more entries you will receive.

Thank you for entering and good luck! I’m crossing my fingers for ya : ) xx

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Prada Saffiano cuir double small tote bag black red

Amanda Uprichard casius cold shoulder crepe top

Steve Madden Scarlett marabou evening sandal

Outfit ideas for Valentine's Day

Amanda Uprichard open shoulder black top with ruffles

Amanda Uprichard Neiman Marcus

Steve Madden black fluffy heels

Articles of Society skinny jeans

Felicia Lasala Photography

Outfit: Amanda Uprichard top, Articles of Society jeans

Accessories: Prada handbag, Steve Madden heels (so fluffy!)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m writing this post in DALLAS, which makes my heart so happy. I haven’t been back since the big move in December, and oh.em.gee I really missed Dallas—and everything that comes with it. Learning how to navigate a long-distance relationship has been basically torture, so obviously I’m thrilled my boyfriend and I are spending Valentine’s Day together. I’m so excited for tonight– We have an at-home sushi and spa night ahead of us, and I know it’s going to be so fun. You can never go wrong with a spicy tuna roll—am I right?!

I know some people hate the cheesiness of Valentine’s Day, but this holiday has honestly always been one of my favorites—and not just because of my deep obsession with anything pink and/or covered in chocolate. When my brother and I were little, my mom would put together Valentine’s Day baskets full of goodies and our favorite things. She actually did this for us through college and it was always so sweet. Mom, if you’re reading this, are we too old to bring this tradition back, lol?!

Whatever stage of life I’ve been in (single AF, a complicated mess or happily in a duo), Valentine’s Day for me has always been about celebrating love in all forms. Whether you’re sending a Valentine’s Day card to your grandma, throwing a Galentine’s wine night for all of your best friends or enjoying breakfast in bed with your hot man, remember it always comes back to celebrating the people you love. And definitely make it a priority to shower yourself with love too because the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one of all. Celebrate yourself because you are straight magic.