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Pink jeans

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So I know in your closet, you have your white jeans, black jeans and jeans in every shade of blue but do you have pink jeans??? And we aren’t talking about subtle blush jeans. I want ‘em PINK, you know?

A million years ago when I was young and in college, I spent a summer in London for a study abroad program. My friends and I went to Paris for a weekend (UGH I MISS COLLEGE) and we found this cute boutique that had a pair of pink jeans. I obviously was going to buy them and got my butt in line real quick. As I was about to pay, I noticed the pair I had in my hands was a bit dirty and asked a sales girl to get me another pair from the back. Well, I didn’t realize until I got back to my dorm that she gave me the jeans like 5 sizes too small. I mean I probably could have fit into them if I gave up pizza and tacos, but who wants to live that kind of life? So I put the amazing pink pants in the back of my closet, lost them in a move and forgot about them.

Approximately 5 years later, my bestie Courtney was visiting me in LA and we hit up J.Crew. As we were walking around my favorite place on Earth, Courtney goes, “OHMYGOD BROOKE LOOK WHAT I FOUND!” I gasped. My perfect pink pants had come back to me!!! I bought them (in the correct size this time!) and it has been a love affair ever since. You can get yourself your own fancy pair 50% off with code YAYSALE. I mean, how amazing is that?

Because apparently I’m all about memory lane in this post, I also have to mention that I wore this top in my very first post on Brooke du jour!!! Well it actually used to be a dress but after an unfortunate incident with a dryer, my trusty tailor made it into a top for me lol ooops! I’m honestly a little embarrassed to link to my first post (oy vey these photos!) but hey we all started somewhere right? I love this post and everything it has lead to : )

In other news, I just poured myself a rather generous glass of wine and am about to check out the latest edits on Revolve. DANGEROUS combination. Wish me luck y’all #SendHelp #AndMoreWine

Before I lose you, just want to remind y’all that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends August 6th! Prices go back up on August 7th! Once you’ve finished your shopping, read this Instagrammer’s Guide To Santa Barbara. SWOON right? Talk about a dream end-of-summer vacay xx

Outfit: Mink Pink top (old, more floral tops here, here and here), J.Crew jeans

Accessories: Free People sunglasses, Chanel purse, Forever21 sandals (similar)

Felicia Lasala Photography


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