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Stephanie Drenka Photography

MAC Expensive Pink eye shadow | MAC Soft Brown eye shadow | MAC Brule eye shadow

MAC Springsheen blush

MAC 217 brush | MAC 239 brush

MAC Fanfare lipstick

With spring right around the corner, I felt like my makeup bag needed some new fun products. I’m obsessed with anything rose gold related, so it was only natural that rose gold eye shadow would join the crew!

To create this neutral, every day look, first I tapped MAC Painterly paint pot onto my eyelids to hold the shadow. Next, I tapped MAC Expensive Pink eye shadow onto my lower lid with my MAC 239 brush. Whenever I apply eye shadow, I also blend with my MAC 217 fluffy brush so the look is seamless. Remember- when in doubt, use the fluffy brush!

Next, I used MAC Soft Brown eye shadow for my crease color. After that, I took MAC Brule eye shadow and tapped it under my brow bone. I love how it brightens but doesn’t sparkle and overall just tones down the rose gold color. If you wanted to take this look into nighttime, I would add MAC Handwritten eye shadow for a dramatic smoky eye.

Under my eye, I applied MAC Soft Brown eye shadow three-fourths of the way and then met it with MAC Expensive Pink eye shadow in the tear duct. I swear this trick makes my eyes look crazy green! It really defines your eyes and adds a pop to your face.

Next, I swiped my cheeks with MAC Springsheen blush. It’s the perfect amount of coral and pink in my opinion! I finished off the look with MAC Fanfare lipstick, which is a springy every day lipstick. I actually currently can’t find that lipstick and I’m kind of panicking about it!

How do you like to transition your makeup into spring? Let me know if you have any questions about this beauty tutorial and what other beauty topics you want me to cover next on the blog!


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