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Easter party

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If you’ve been hanging around Brooke du jour for a while, you know this girl loves a good party. Yes, yes! If it involves food, flowers and friends, I’m always down! I wanted an excuse to get my new LA friends together and Easter coming up gave me the perfect opportunity. I originally thought about doing a brunch on the weekend but with everyone’s crazy travel schedule, a hoppy hour after work did just the trick (hehe see what I did there?!)!

I’ve listed all the details below so you can recreate your own Easter hoppy hour with your favorite peeps. Don’t worry if you are not an artist when it comes to Easter egg decorating—a bunny rosé cocktail helps! xx

Outfit: Forever21 top | Articles of Society jeans

Invitations: Palm Beach Polka Dot invitations

Décor: CVS bunny ears | Meri Meri plates, napkins, forks & crackers | Accent Décor celfie vase | World Market bowls (filled with yummy M&Ms and jelly beans!)

Drinks: Miraval rosé | Kate Spade wine glasses | Sur La Table pink sugar | Peeps marshmallow bunnies

Activity: PAAS & Dudley’s egg decorating kits

Dessert: Strawberry cake (made by me!) | Vintage cake stand & knife

Party favors: Sugarfina bunny tail gummies

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